My work includes two main bodies. One is large-scale, often human scale, and includes turned and carved items. A second body consists of shapes not traditionally recognized as wood objects.

Most of my work originates on the lathe and is later altered by carving, burning and dyeing, Attitude and whimsy also play a big part in my shaping process. I get a big kick out of objects that can be used once.

Here are the major tools and techniques I use in my work.

Lathes: 1910 New Haven ship lathe, kinda modernized, 52 inch swing

1955 Oliver from Pratt and Whitney, Chicago area plant #25

Very early Oliver from GM tech center (don't know its age or model, and don't really

care; it works just fine)

1960's model Powermatic, the best generic lathe ever built -- my go-to guy

Carving tools: Chain saw


Foredom various burrs

NSK High speed carvers

Proxon stuff

Razertip burners and tips (thanks Cam)

Anything that will work

Sanding stuff out the wazoo: This list would be endless and all inclusive.

A good place to start is www.the sanding Bruce will steer ya in the right direction

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